29 January 2020

Coronavirus resources

As the world responds to the Coronavirus now impacting thousands of people, two of the leading Point of Care tool providers have updated their clinical information to ensure clinicians and researchers everywhere are equipped with the best evidence and knowledge available to ultimately benefit patients. 

Timely access to critical information about the virus is essential for global health efforts. UpToDate have made their material freely available to all users, including the public (no login is required). BMJ Best Practice materials are accessible via your OpenAthens login.

UpToDate resources

UpToDate's resources on Coronavirus are freely available to everyone (only the Coronavirus topic).

BMJ Best Practice

BMJ Best Practice's resources on coronavirus are only available to users with an NHS OpenAthens login (to register for OpenAthens click here)

Literature searches

Ovid literature search results - Ovid (OpenAthens login required).

PubMed literature search results  - Pubmed "2019-nCoV"


NHS - Patient information

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