An A-Z list of databases that are available to all library users

AMED - The Allied and Alternative Medicine Database (AMED) is a unique bibliographic database produced by the Health Care Information Service of the British Library. It covers a selection of journals in complementary medicine, palliative care, and several professions allied to medicine. The subject coverage includes complementary medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, podiatry and palliative care. AMED contains references to articles from around 512 journals, the majority of which are in English. A large number of these titles are not indexed by any other source. To search AMED you will need to login with your OpenAthens username and password.

BMJ Clinical Evidence - published by the BMJ Publishing Group, Clinical Evidence is a continuously updated source of evidence on the effects of common clinical interventions. It summarises the current state of knowledge, being neither a medical textbook nor a set of guidelines. If there is no good evidence to support a particular clinical intervention it will say so. Clinical Evidence covers medical, surgical, nursing and complementary interventions. To search BMJ Clinical Evidence you will need to login with your OpenAthens username and password.

BNF - The British National Formulary is published in updated book form twice a year, in March and September. It details all medicines that are generally prescribed in the UK, with information about indications and dosages, ontraindications, cautions, side effects, medicinal products, and more. It now features NICE accreditation, new drug monographs and updated guidance for prescribing biological and biosimilar medicines. To use the BNF you will need to login with your OpenAthens username and password.

BNF for Children (BNFC) - BNFC presents essential practical information to help healthcare professionals prescribe, monitor, supply and administer medicines for childhood disorders. BNFC provides practical information on the use of medicines in children of all ages from birth to adolescence. Medicines for Children (RCPCH Publications Ltd) and the British National Formulary itself form the basis for the BNFC. Information in the BNFC has been validated against emerging evidence, best-practice guidelines , and advice from a network of clinical experts. To use the BNFC you will need to login with your OpenAthens username and password.

British Nursing Index (BNI) - is a bibliographical database containing articles from the most popular English language nursing journals published primarily in the UK, comprising over 220 nursing and allied health journals from 1994. Each year approximately 9,000 entries are added to the database. The BNI covers all aspects of nursing, midwifery, and community healthcare. To search BNI you will need to login with your OpenAthens username and password.

Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS) - Clinical Knowledge Summaries  are produced by NICE. They provides primary care practitioners with a readily accessible summary of the current evidence base and practical guidance on best practice in respect of over 330 common and/or significant primary care presentations. The service is regularly upgraded as and when significant new evidence emerges. NICE have commissioned a number of Powerpoint slides based on a range of existing CKS topics, to provide a brief snap-shot of the CKS topic, and to be used as an educational tool. The slides can be found by clicking here.

Cochrane Library - The Cochrane Library is a collection of resources on the effectiveness of healthcare interventions. The Cochrane Library includes access to the full-text of Cochrane systematic reviews, structured abstracts of other published systematic reviews, and bibliographic details of randomised controlled trials. The Cochrane Library is produced by the Cochrane Collaboration and the NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination. It is updated quarterly. Access is free to all users in England.

Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Heath (CINAHL) - is produced by CINAHL Information Systems.. It covers literature from 1982 onwards, coveing more than 1,200 journal titles. This bibliographic database covers health education, occupational therapy, physical therapy, technology therapy, social service/health care, and emergency services. It also provides access to healthcare books, nursing dissertations, and selected conference proceedings. It is update monthly. To search CINAHL you will need to login with your OpenAthens username and password.

EMBASE - EMBASE is a biomedical and pharmacological database. It is complementary to Medline, with an approximate overlap of 40% between the two databases. EMBASE is focused more on the European literature, rather than North American literature. It is well known for its coverage of drug information, including drug research, pharmacology, toxicology, clinical and experimental human medicine, health policy and management, public health, occupational health, environmental health and psychiatry. There is selective coverage of nursing, psychology and alternative medicine. To search EMBASE you will need to login with your OpenAthens username and password.

Health Business Elite (HBE) - This database provides comprehensive journal content detailing all aspects of healthcare administration and other non-clinical aspects of healthcare institution management. Updated on a daily basis, it is an indispensable resource for both healthcare professionals and researchers. To search HBE you will need to login with your OpenAthens username and password.

HMIC (Health Management) - This database covers health management and comprises data from DH-Data and the King’s Fund database. It comprises over 75,000 records from 1979 onwards.
DH-Data is the database from the Department of Health and the Public Health Information Unit. It covers health service and hospital administration, with an emphasis on the NHS. This database covers buildings, equipment, primary care, social policy, medical toxicology and environmental health. It covers 2,000 English language journals, along with books, reports, and other official publications. Coverage is from 1983 onwards.

The King’s Fund database covers UK health policy documents and “grey” literature from health and social care organisations. Topics covered include NHS management, social care, health inequalities, urban health, race and health, partnership working, primary care, mental health, public involvement, and workforce development.
To search HMIC you will need to login with your OpenAthens username and password.

Medline - the best known medical database. It covers approximately 4,000 international journals from 1966 onwards, and selected older titles. Medline covers all fields within biomedicine including medical specialties such as cardiology, neurology, paediatrics, clinical and experimental medicine, pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, nursing and allied health. Medline is produced by the US National Library of Medicine. To search Medline you will need to login with your OpenAthensusername and password.

NICE Evidence - This site enables access to authoritative clinical and non-clinical evidence and best practice through a web-based portal. It can be used to search for UK guidelines. Most links are to full-text resources.

NICE Guidance - NICE Guidance uses the best available evidence to develop recommendations that guide decisions in health, public health and social care. As well as considering the scientific value of evidence, NICE Guidance also follows a set of principles for making social value judgements. The guidance takes a number of forms including: guidelines, antimicrobial prescribing guidelines, technology appraisals guidance, interventional procedures guidance, medical technologies guidance, diagnostics guidance, and highly specialised technologies guidance.

NICE Pathways - NICE Pathways offer an easy-to-use, intuitive way of accessing a range of clinical, public health and social care information from NICE. They include up to date NICE guidance, quality standards and related information. NICE Pathways are a key resource for users of NICE guidance as they allow you to navigate the breadth and depth of NICE recommendations on any subject through interactive topic-based diagrams.

PubMed - PubMed is another version of the Medline database, produced by the US National Library of Medicine. It covers over 16 million citations since 1950. Access to PubMed is free.

PsycINFO - PsycINFO is a bibliographic database of psychological, social, behavioural, and health sciences. The database contains more than 2 million records from 1872 onwards. Its journal coverage spans approximately 2,000 titles. PsycINFO also includes books and chapters from books published since 1987; however there are a large number of records covering books published earlier than 1987. PsycINFO also includes dissertations, which comprise about 12% of the database. To search PsycINFO you will need to login with your OpenAthens username and password.

Social Care Online - This is the UK's most complete range of information and research on all aspects of social care and social work. Social Care Online is the UK’s largest free bibliographic database on social care, comprising around 155,000 records from the 1980s onwards.

TRIP (Turning Research Into Practice) - The TRIP database brings together evidence based healthcare resources available on the internet. It allows you to cross-search over 29.000 links from around 150 freely available online resources. These contain high-quality evidence-based health information from around the world. Resources searchable via TRIP include The Cochrane Library, PubMed Clinical Queries, Clinical Evidence, BestBETs and journals such as Evidence-Based Medicine and Bandolier. The database also includes eTextbooks and is update monthly. TRIP is freely available, but to access the premium version you need to be on a Trust computer since access is identified by IP address.